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Phase 1 environmental consulting NJ

Mold Remediation Removal and Inspection NJ

Stay vigilant even after a flood or leak, as mold could be lurking in the aftermath, unseen but potent. It may come as a surprise to many, but mold is omnipresent. Tiny mold spores float in the air we breathe, typically harmless due to their low concentration. However, when moisture levels spike—commonly following floods or leaks—these spores seize the opportunity to thrive and spread. As per the EPA, managing moisture is paramount in mold prevention. Should a water affected area remain damp for 1 Day to 42 hours, mold growth becomes highly probable.

Got Mold in NJ? What to do

Swiftly address the issue at hand. Mold, being a living organism, will persist and spread if neglected, potentially causing significant harm to your property and posing health risks.

Begin with a thorough mold assessment to gauge the extent of water damage and mold growth. This examination is crucial for uncovering concealed moisture issues lurking behind walls, beneath floors, and within building materials.

Following the assessment, proceed with mold remediation and removal. This entails eliminating visible mold growth while rectifying the underlying moisture problems. Adhere to EPA and New York State Guidelines, taking into account the size of the affected area. For small, isolated mold growth under 10 square feet, trained personnel can carry out remediation using safe practices. However, for areas exceeding 10 square feet, enlist licensed mold professionals for the task.

Phase 1 Environmental Consulting NJ


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Mold Inspection Removal & Remediation

Mold Inspection in New Jersey

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is the first step in the environmental due diligence process. A Phase 1 ESA is the in

The primary objective of a mold inspection is to locate all areas where mold and moisture have infiltrated, facilitating the creation of a comprehensive strategy to rectify the issue.

Without pinpointing the mold’s whereabouts, effectively tackling the problem and preventing its spread becomes challenging. Hence, mold assessments are an indispensable initial step in identifying and addressing mold-related concerns.

It’s essential to distinguish between mold inspections and mold testing; the former aims to locate mold and moisture sources for remediation planning, while the latter focuses on identifying mold species, often unnecessary for remediation decisions.

Depending on the severity of the mold problem, you can either conduct the inspection yourself or enlist a trained professional. The latter option ensures a precise assessment of the moisture issue and the formulation of a tailored action plan.

In NJ, professional mold inspections typically cost between $350 and $700, varying based on the size and location of the property.

Mold Removal NJ

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